• Salesforce Automation

    With Fortaleza automating your marking, sales and customer service so they work seamlessly, you can provide a fully enhanced customer experience while giving your organization a huge return on investment. Read More
  • Salesforce Consulting

    What is the best use of Salesforce within your organization? Let Fortaleza show you how to get the full ROI from your implementation. Read More
  • Salesforce Training

    The principle ingredient for user adoption is training. Fortaleza can develop and implement a complete training program for your organization. Read More
  • Salesforce Administration

    Fortaleza's off-site administration services provide you with complete administration services without having to hire a full-time employee. This is the perfect program for small to medium-size organizations. Read More
  • Salesforce Implementation

    Fortaleza's implementation process is designed to to give your organization the minimal number of problems with detailed planning. Read More
  • Salesforce Configuration

    Configure and optimize your Salesforce to the way you work while making full use of the depth of the Salesforce system. Read More
  • Salesforce Workflow

    Workflow is the heart of automation. It describes in detail who touches what and when. Read More
  • Salesforce Reporting

    Every manager wants reports, but getting accurate reports is a combination of clean data and good reporting. Fortaleza can design your reports to meet your exact business needs. Read More
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It's Your Salesforce!

Salesforce Consulting

Your Company --Your Salesforce

  • Are you getting the reports, analytics and efficiencies you need from your Salesforce system? 
  • Are you aware of everything your Salesforce system can do?
  • Are your employees fully engaged and actively using the system?

If you answered no to any of those questions, you need Fortaleza. Let us analyze your system. We’ll make sure your company gets its full return on investment.

What empowers us to make that promise? Three things:
  • As Salesforce consultants, we know the system intimately, and we know what it is capable of. 
  • We’re geeks, yes. But we also know the ins and outs of running a business. We speak your language, and we can configure your system to do exactly what you need it to accomplish.
  • We train your staff to use the system correctly and implement it easily. Because without user adoption, your system’s useless. 

Call today to see how we can improve your bottom line. If you don’t yet have a Salesforce system, call us. We believe you should understand exactly what you’re purchasing before you implement. We’ll define the specific benefits your organization will see and how those benefits will affect you.


Featured Services

  • Salesforce Customer Service Configuration +

    Bringing Self Service to Your Customer Support Since Salesforce is the "No Software, No Hardware!" company, integrating your customer support Read More
  • Salesforce Accountability +

    "This is the story of four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was an important job to be Read More
  • Saleforce Forecasting +

    Forecasting is a Science, Not an Art Forecasting might seem like an impenetrable mystery if you've never had to do Read More
  • Salesforce Custom Application Development +

    Sometimes You Need Something Special within Your Salesforce More than 200,000 applications in the Salesforce AppExchange cover everything from mass Read More
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